Social Media Made Simple: Engage

Folks, social media isn’t hard.

To explain, let’s take a trip back to 1954…the year my Mom was born.

Imagine you head to the local hardware store for a hammer. Once there you are greeted by Sam. You know Sam, he knows you. You bought a screwdriver three months ago, and Sam helped you pick out the right driver of screws. Sam is the man.

Not only do you know Sam because of his hardware store. You know Sam from church. You know Sam because he has a daughter in the same grade as your son. You have a relationship with Sam.

Guess what? Social media is an opportunity for you…almighty business owner, nonprofit volunteer, cubicle dweller…to be Sam again.

Social media gives you an opportunity to engage your friends and customers.

It’s not a megaphone – no one listens to an amplified sales pitch anywho.

It’s not an elevator speech – aren’t you relieved?

It’s an opportunity to engage.

2 responses to “Social Media Made Simple: Engage

  1. This is what I love about Facebook and Twitter; that they can be very personal. LinkedIn should be this way, but by and large it is not. The moniker “professional” applies more to it than social, and people start acting all professional when they are on LinkedIn. Somehow the words “professional” and “personal” came to be antonyms. Why is that?

    • Right on! Personal and fun. I enjoy friendships made around the world, and business conversations that aren’t sluggish.

      Bluntly, it’s cool to connect with someone like yourself!

      I’ve always viewed LinkedIn as an expanded portfolio, and I only add connections with people I would be willing to have coffee with…or pick up the phone and call.

      Here’s the deal though, I don’t act “all professional” anywhere. I bust my tail doing great projects I love, but I will not posture for anyone. That’s why I refer to myself as a “Communications Plenipotentiary.” It’s obnoxious, but that’s part of the point. I’ve written successful SEO copy for a company selling industrial thermal solutions (think enormous furnaces)…I can do the work. But I won’t let that force me to become a saltine cracker on LinkedIn.

      But, at the end of the day it is the word “grace” that I love. As a follower of Jesus, grace is a word that compels my entire life.

      Thanks again for the comments…love connecting!

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